talking in front of people

June 2017: "Writers Don’t Live in Caves: On the Inevitable — and Fruitful! — Connections Between Media Studies and the Essay,” (Chair/Panelist), NonfictioNOW; Reykjavík, Iceland

June 2017: "Ekphrasis and the Black Female Gaze” (Panelist), NonfictioNOW; Reykjavík, Iceland

May 2017: “Queer Style: A Conversation with Grace Dunham," (Moderator), FlyOver Fashion Fest; Iowa City, IA

April 2017: “Publishing in the Age of Trump," (Co-Moderator), Mission Creek Festival; Iowa City, IA

November 2016: "Broad Perspectives" (Moderator), Witching Hour Festival; Iowa City, IA

October 2016: "Sexism in America: Politics and Beyond" (Panelist), Iowa City Social Exchange [streaming]

October 2016: "Binaries on the Run" (Panelist), Iowa City Book Festival [streaming]

October 2016: Interview with Roxane Gay, Paul Engle Prize Award Ceremony, Iowa City Book Festival [streaming]

April 2016: “Black Art/White Space II” (Moderator), Mission Creek Festival; Iowa City, IA [streaming]

January 2016: "Turning Your Activism into a Career" (Co-organizer/Panelist), Reed College; Portland, OR

November 2015: “Black Art/White Space” (Panelist), Witching Hour Festival; Iowa City, IA

October 2015: ”Surviving Misogynoir” (Co-presenter), Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians National Conference; Philadelphia, PA

June 2015: "Diversity vs. Divergence in Contemporary America: Access to Full Citizenship" (Panelist), Reed College; Portland, OR

April 2013: "Nerds, Geeks, and Goths...of Color?: Normalizing 'Alternative' Expressions of Identity" (Co-Presenter), Students of Color Conference; Yakima, WA

February 2012: “Alea Adigweme’s Letters from Her Ninth Grade Boyfriend,” Love Letter Radio [streaming]

November 2009: Sexing the Colorlines: Symposium on Sexuality in the Arts & Humanities (Presenter); Iowa City, IA